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 Pink Diamond Defense teaches women, female teens, and children how to protect themselves using very good and easy to learn BASIC self-defense techniques. We are NOT a martial arts program.  We do not teach fighting systems.  They are well worth learning, but many women do not have the income and/or time to invest in such programs.  Also, most martial arts programs do not specifically address many situations that women face, like sexual assault, because they were designed for man against man and not man against woman or child.  What we DOteach is an awesome self-defense program called Girls on Guard that was developed by Defend University through its affiliate, Women’s Self Defense Institute.  It teaches women and/or children (who both tend to be much smaller than their attackers) how to do enough damage to escape, get to a safe place, and get help. The program does this by teaching how to most effectively respond to the most common self-defense scenarios by using instinctual self-defense techniques that are simple to learn and perform because they use gross body movements rather than fine motor movements that tend to be complicated to learn and perform correctly. In addition to teaching the Girls on Guard system,  our classes include an informational portion where topics like predator recognition, lures, sexual assault and domestic violence awareness, internet/social networking safety, dating safety, as well as bully prevention strategies are taught depending on which class is taken.

​ Currently, our public classes are taught at Pellissippi State Community College through their non-credit program.  We do have mats, however, and are able to tailor our classes to your specific needs and travel to any group, school, church, or organization that would like to sponsor a self-defense course, seminar, or speaking engagement.  We would love to hear from you.  Make sure to check out our Facebook pages.  The most up to date information can be found there as well as helpful information and new class dates.
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