Women's Basic Self-Defense - Two Week
Women's Self Defense Course (Ages 12 and Up) Covers

Basic Self Protection, Anti-Abduction, & Social Drama
(Sunday Afternoon)

   Oct 7th thru Oct 14th 2018 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the 
Online Registration 

Women's Comprehensive Self Defense - Three-Week Women's Self Defense Course (Ages 14 and Up) Covers 
Basic Self Protection, Anti-Abduction & Sexual Assault Prevention
(Sunday Afternoon)

   Oct 7th thru Oct 21st 2018 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the 
Online Registration 

Private Classes

We love our PSCC home, but we also have mats and the ability to travel in order to reach even more women, teens, and children.  We are only allowed to use PSCC’s beautiful facility for public classes scheduled through their non-credit program, but if you have a space large enough and would like to sponsor an event, please let us know.   Special rates for groups with an 8 participant minimum are available.  Do you have a specific topic you and your group is interested in?  We can adapt our program to meet your specific needs.  For example, one organization contacted us because they were located in a not-so-great part of town and wanted us to address parking lot safety with their female employees.  Many faith-based youth and women’s groups enjoy our Defending Purity program.  We are in the process of developing classes specifically for Girl Scouts and Heritage Girl troops and will have more information available this fall.  In addition to technique based classes, we are also available for informational based self-protection classes as well as speaking engagements.   For more information or to schedule please contact me at michelle@pinkdiamonddefense or call me at 865-898-4573 

Class Registration

  Registration for all of our Pellissippi State classes is through their website, www.pstcc.edu.  Click on Continuing Education and then go to Course Search and type self-defense (it must have the hyphen).   We do our best to include links straight to their registration pages, but at times we post class schedules on our website and/or Facebook pages before they are officially posted to Pellissippi’s website. If you are having problems with registration or cannot find a class we have advertised, the best number to call is the Pellissippi Business Office at (865) 539-7167.  Please feel free to contact us for more information about the classes themselves.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

Current Class Schedule

Since 2011 Pellissippi State Community College’s (PSCC) Hardin Valley campus has been home for Pink Diamond Defense’s public Girl’s On Guard classes.   Our absolute best class at PSCC is our Women’s Six Week Self-Defense Course which is perfect for women age 18 (if mom attends with her teen we can go a little lower, but due to the mature content we suggest no younger than 15 years old) and older.  The six week format allows us to get a lot more detailed about some of the information we teach.  It also allows for more time to get into advanced techniques of the Girl’s On Guard program that we simply are not able to get into during our seminars in addition to allowing the repetition most women prefer.   During this course we cover everything from parking lot safety, anti-abduction, social media safety, workplace harassment/violence, drug facilitated assault, and sexual assault/domestic violence prevention.  I honestly feel this is the absolute BEST women’s anti-abduction and sexual assault prevention on the market today or I wouldn’t be teaching it.  

     For women whose schedule is just too hectic for a six week course, our weekend seminars are a perfect choice.  We generally teach them as a three hour class on Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm with several different dates each semester to choose from.  Currently, we have two different seminars that we offer.  Our Women’s Basic Self-Defense Class covers the basics of what we call “Stay With People” scenarios and teaches anti-abduction techniques that are especially good for parking lot safety.  We also discuss helpful basic self-defense information and predator awareness in that class.   Reduce The Odds is our sexual assault and domestic violence prevention course and covers what we call “Go To People” scenarios and is especially good for dating safety as well as workplace harassment/violence prevention.  The creators of the Girl’s On Guard Program and the Women’s Self Defense Institute, Mr. Brad Parker and Mr. Steve Kardian, have done an excellent job applying their decades of police and martial arts experience to create what I believe is the absolute best sexual assault program out there. 
    Our female teen, female tween and co-ed children’s classes are offered during PSCC’s Kid’s Camp program every summer.  All of the classes run from Monday to Friday for an entire week.  Our Self-Defense for Teen Girls class is excellent for high school and mature middle school girls who are beginning to or are already dating.  This course covers everything in the adult women’s 6 week course but is a little toned down in order to be age appropriate, but still give young women the relational and self-protection skills they need to succeed. Older teens tend to prefer the women’s class but are more than welcome to attend this course.  Girls about 9 – 14 years old will love our Self-Defense for Tween Girls course.  We cover the same information and Girls On Guard techniques taught in the Women’s Basic Self-Defense class, but gear it for the tween and young teen age group.  A good dose of bully prevention and how to deal with “Girl Drama” is also covered in this course along with predator awareness.  It is our belief that if they can learn to say “no” and “stop” to their friends, they will have the skills needed to say the same to strangers and possibly eventually boyfriends who might try to do harm.  Sexual assault prevention is taught in the tween and kid’s classes as body sovereignty because we believe innocence should be protected as long as possible.  Speaking of kids, our Self-Defense for Kids ages 8-12 is excellent for bully prevention/friend drama and stranger awareness.  This course teaches most of what is taught in the tween class, but is geared to a younger and co-ed audience.  We hope to add a tween boy class and an even younger children’s self-defense class for the 2017 summer Kid’s Camp classes so stay tuned.   

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