Women who have taken my self-defense classes have heard me suggest personal alarms as well as pepper spray and stun guns as good non-lethal self-protection devices.  For several years I have thought about making these types of devices available for purchase for women who take my classes.  Recently, a friend of mine mentioned a company that specializes in non-lethal protection and suggested that it would be a good fit for me.  In July of this year, I became an independent consultant for Damsel In Defense.  Their mission is similar to mine: help educate, equip, and empower women to self-protect so that they can realize their inner strength, worth, and beauty.   Click on the link below and check out my Damsel In Defense Website.  You can get more information about the different products available through Damsel In Defense and even order at your own convenience.  These inexpensive products make wonderful Christmas and Birthday gifts for friends and loved ones.  A portion of the proceeds of products purchased though my Damsel In Defense website go to various charities that help combat domestic violence and sexual assault.   It also helps us provide better equipment for our students as well as cover the costs of classes we do at local women’s shelters.