Steve Kardian is one of the nation’s go-to experts on issues of women’s safety, crime prevention, and risk reduction.  He is a media consultant for Inside Edition, CNN, FOX News, and The Morning Show just to name a few.  Steve has lectured on crime prevention, campus safety, and women’s safety for over 25 years. Not one to just talk the talk, Steve, among many other titles, is currently the Eastern U.S. lead instructor at Defend University, a research and development group dedicated to the exploration of leading edge techniques and strategies for self-defense, security and defensive tactics.   Michelle and David have been very impressed by Steve’s knowledge and concern for issues of women’s safety and count themselves very lucky to have had an opportunity to learn from someone of his caliber and expertise.   You can find out more about Steve Kardian and a lot of VERY useful information at his website,

Steve Kardian

Hello, my name is Michelle Kirk.  I am the founder and lead instructor ofPink Diamond Defense.  I chose that name because it symbolizes how a woman can be both beautiful and strong at the same time - and well pink is just my thing.  Beginning in 2007 I searched the Knoxville area for a really good women’s self-defense program.  Very quickly I began to be totally frustrated when all I could find was a lot of co-ed programs.  They claimed to be for women, but they fit my needs just as well as my husband’s jeans.  Some of them even increased my fears rather than relieve them.  When I couldn’t find what I was looking for here in the Knoxville area, I started looking on the internet and found the Women’s Self-Defense Institute and a program called Girls on Guard which were both co-created by Mr. Brad Parker and Mr. Steve Kardian. In 2009 I flew to the New York campus of The Women’s Self Defense Institute; met my certifying instructor and mentor, Steve Kardian; and earned my certification to teach the Girl’s on Guard program. Within the first few minutes of that certification program, I knew this women’s self-defense concept was what I was looking for.  I am very proud to be able to bring such a high quality and needed program back home to the women of Tennessee!    

Who Am I?

Our Training

In 2009 Michelle, after not finding any true women’s self-defense classes in the Knoxville area, went to New York and earned her certification to teach the Girls on Guard (GOG)program at the New York campus of Defend University, home of the Women’s Self-Defense Institute.  Mr. Steve Kardian, the certifying instructor, impressed her immediately with his genuine concern for women’s self-defense as well as his vast knowledge of everything safety related. He truly was and continues to be a “go-to expert” about all things safety as well as an excellent and dedicated mentor to all of his instructors!  

David Kirk was so impressed with the effectiveness of the program that he went with Michelle in 2011 when she returned to New York for further training and became a certified instructor himself.  Together, they are proud to be able to teach this excellent self-defense program to the precious women of Tennessee. Steve Kardian told Michelle on the first day of her first certification class, “This is just the beginning of your training.” How right he was!  She and David are committed to their students as well as themselves and make the promise to never quit learning what it takes to teach women to stay safe!